Need Advice on how to set up your business?

The majority of people who start their own business do so because they have a good business idea, not because they have a degree that says that they can be a business owner. The financial barriers to a beginning entrepreneur can often quite overwhelming. This is where our certified experts can help by evaluating your ideas and by providing you with the knowledge to develop them into a viable business.

Through this service we can help you to:

Come to the conclusion on which business structure would be the most suitable for your needs (sole trader, partnership, or limited liability company).

Help you to create a business plan, cash flow projections, budget and trading forecasts to demonstrate the financial viability of your ideas so that you may present them to a bank or potential investors.

  • Our certified experts help you to establish the necessary relationship with banks, solicitors, and investors
  • Complete your registration procedures with Companies House, HM Revenue, and customs
  • Construct an internal accounting system that complies with statutory requirements
  • Asses your finance requirements and decide what is the most appropriate source of finance

If you require further information please contact us on 0203 282 0590